I sat down this morning to catch up on news around the world.  I read a couple popular blogs to see what is up in the writing world.  In this short time, I have been blessed by seeing the “F” word about a dozen times.  Since we all know what the “F” word is, let’s mix things up a little.  From now on, the “F” word will be “Frosted”.   I don’t make a habit of using the real “F” word.

Frost you! You’re frosted!

I wonder how intelligent a writer is if he/she needs to use frosted in the middle of every sentence.  Even if there are appropriate times to be frosted, does it really need to be in everything?  If a writer, comedian, musician, speaker, movie needs to frost everyone do they really have something of value to share?

“Gone Girl” was a best seller last year and I hear it is being made into a movie.  I didn’t like the book.  I thought it was depressing without a redeeming value in the end.  But what was worse to me was that frosted showed up on almost every page.  Really?  Did it help the story in any way?

Have we turned into such gutter mouths that frosting is everywhere?  Try raising teenagers today – that’s all they hear.  Frost this, frost that.  When they can’t come up with anything else; frost it.  I have had lawyers and other professionals that would use frost with me but they would somehow turn frost off when my wife was there.  How do they know who likes frost and who don’t.  I never told them I like frost but they seemed determined to use it around me.  Is it because I’m a man and everyone assumes we like frost?

You may ask, “Why the frost are you writing this? If I want to say frost, what’s it to you?  Maybe you’re just jealous because your frosting books don’t sell.  Maybe if you added frost to them, they would!”  I don’t care if you sell more frosting books than me.  I just wish you had enough sense or intelligence to not use frost in everything.  Forget the religious reasons behind my dislike – it’s frosting stupid and ignorant and we are raising a generation that can’t speak without it.

Let’s go back to pg-13 and limit it to once in a production – if it is really needed at all.

Frost it, I’m going back to my frosting job.



About Brian Fulmer

Brian is the owner of Crossroads Property Management Inc. ( He writes six blogs and has written two books. He also works with various missions around the world. His first love is Guatemala.
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One Response to Frosting

  1. Cheryl says:

    That is frosting funny!

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