Mourning Violence

President Obama spoke about the recent killings at the Naval Yard In Washington D.C.  I have nothing to criticize on his speech.  I understand his distress and emotion.  These mass killings are senseless, awful and they need to stop.  Personally I can’t imagine the horror of sending my children to school or to work and have them killed for no reason.

I don’t have any great answers on gun control.  I don’t own a gun and never have.  If I did, I wouldn’t want the government to take it away.  If the government can take my gun, they can take anything else that they deem harmful.  I am a spiritual person with a huge love for God – I don’t want the government to restrict that because some believe religion to be dangerous.

So lets agree this isn’t an Obama bashing.  It is not pro or anti guns.  As you read on, you may believe it’s racial.  It’s more than racial.  It goes to the core values of our respect for humans whether they are black or white, rich or poor, suburban or urban.

President Obama spoke emotionally saying:  “five American communities ripped apart by mass violence,” and added, “Once more, our hearts are broken; once more, we ask why.”  “What’s different in America,” he said, “is it’s easy to get your hands on a gun — and a lot of us know this.”

I agree.  But Mr. President, what about the killings every day throughout the cities of America?  Where is the outrage?  Is it because it is often black on black crime?  Poor on poor? Is it because these are unimportant people that choose to live in the “wrong” neighborhoods?

Who is standing up for these families Mr. President?  Your home town of Chicago is #1.  500 murders in 2012?  Did the president go and speak emotionally about any of these?  Has any president?  Is there some blame on the people sitting in a park in Chicago when gang bangers drive by on a random shoot?

If a little white girl is killed, it is normally national news but not necessarily if she lives in the projects.  It’s not just race.  It’s the standing in society.  It’s “where” she lives and “who” she is.  The media and society apparently don’t give much attention to a poor person in the ghetto.  Do their families mourn less because they live in the projects? Don’t they deserve outrage Mr. President?

I know you can’t speak at every funeral.  The media can’t spot light thousands of victims.  We’re going to need to change.  Maybe that change should start with valuing the voiceless who can’t stand up for themselves in political, budget or media battles. Guns are easy to get.  Respect and value are not.

Cities with the most homicides in 2012

1. Chicago | 500
2. New York | 419
3. Detroit | 386
4. Philadelphia | 331
5. Los Angeles | 299
6. Baltimore | 219
7. Houston | 217
8. New Orleans | 193
9. Dallas | 154
10. Memphis | 133
11. Oakland | 126
12. Phoenix | 124
13. St. Louis | 113
14. Kansas City | 105
15. Indianapolis | 101

Source: FBI


About Brian Fulmer

Brian is the owner of Crossroads Property Management Inc. ( He writes six blogs and has written two books. He also works with various missions around the world. His first love is Guatemala.
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