Open Season on Christians

Random – ethnic cleansing?  Are the Christians being wiped out throughout the middle east and Africa?

Is It Open Season on Christians In Kenya, Pakistan, and Egypt?

September 24, 2013 11:57 PM



Attacks on Christians and other minorities in the Muslim-majority world are increasing and an already terrible situation is worsening.


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The most recent attack was Sunday in Peshawar in Pakistan, where the historic All Saints Church was attacked by two suicide bombers, an attack for which the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility. 
The explosions were triggered to cause the maximum number of deaths and maimings– when the congregation left the morning service in the city’s Kohati Gate district to receive a free meal of rice. The latest toll is 85 dead and over 140 wounded, but both these numbers have been rising as rescuers search through the rubble.
This is probably the most deadly attack on Christians in Pakistan’s entire history. There have been ongoing deadly mob attacks on Christians and Christians and Ahmadis have suffered disproportionately from Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, but there have been few attacks on churches and other Christian sites since a spate of bombings a decade ago. 
In the last ten years the major Taliban suicide-attack targets have been Shiite and Ahmadi mosques.
The Taliban say the bombing was retaliation for ongoing U.S. drone attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan. But the bombers did not target Americans but their fellow Pakistanis. 
For the Taliban and like-minded groups, the key factor is religion. The connections they make are not national, or ethnic, or geographic, but religious. Hence, since they regard America as Christian, they kill Christians.
The same dynamic shows in the weekend’s other major attack: the shootings and grenade attacks by the Somali-based Al-Shebaab group at a Kenyan shopping mall in Nairobi on Saturday –with some 62 dead, 200 wounded and 63 missing. While the mall is reportedly Israeli-owned, and while Kenyan forces are at the core of the African Union forces fighting al-Shabab within Somalia, this was not an attack simply on Kenyans or westerners. 
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