It’s not my fault . .

Random thoughts on the government shut down:

I’m writing this as a business owner – not from a political view point.   I own my business.  The buck stops here.  I may not be happy with what my employees do but I’m the one who pays for it.  I’m the one who takes the fall when someone else messes up or cuts my legs off.  Yes, I may complain about what is done but I know that it is my responsibility.  I get to reap the benefits if everything goes right.  I pay when they don’t.

I don’t like our current congress – not many of us do.  I don’t know what I would do if it was my responsibility to get them to agree on anything.  I do know that I wouldn’t go golfing with a shut down looming in two days.  It’s not like our executive hasn’t had a chance to golf this year (President Obama as of Saturday has played golf 35 times in 2013, eclipsing the previous mark of 34 he set in 2011, and there is plenty of time left in 2013).  

Instead of being a mediator which is often the number one job as the executive, I hear blame.  It’s Bush’s fault, it’s congress’s fault, it’s Putin’s fault, it’s always someone else’s fault.  When, Mr. Executor are you going to man up and say “it’s my fault”.   Whether I agree with any of your positions or not, I will remember this administration for those four words: “it’s not my fault”.

I’m sorry Mr. President.  You are the chief.  You’re in charge.  Sit down and get your people together and stop blaming everyone else for your problems.

About Brian Fulmer

Brian is the owner of Crossroads Property Management Inc. ( He writes six blogs and has written two books. He also works with various missions around the world. His first love is Guatemala.
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