Crazy Crimes

5 craziest crimes of the week

Newser Editors9:01 a.m. EDT October 18, 2013

This week: An out-of-town traveler gets a deadly reception in Chicago, and an alleged shoplifter is found to have something incredibly grisly in her bag.

1. Guy asks for directions, is shot dead: An Arkansas man who police say got lost driving around Chicago was shot and killed yesterday, apparently by a man he had just asked for directions.

2. Girls stopped for shoplifting had fetus in bag, cops say: A security guard on the lookout for shoplifters at a Manhattan Victoria’s Secret ended up making the most gruesome of finds yesterday afternoon: what appeared to be a fetus in a plastic bag, police say.  (Random – what defines this as a fetus instead of a baby?)

3. People filmed sex assault instead of stopping it, cops say: On the upside, some people caught evidence of an alleged sexual assault on Instagram over the weekend in Ohio, which may help police investigate the incident. On the downside, those people posted the pictures and videos online, but didn’t call police or otherwise try to stop it. Here’s what they show.

4. Cops investigate after nut placed in allergic kid’s drink: “Either the student who did this is completely stupid or it’s attempted manslaughter.” That quote from a high school principal in Sweden pretty much sums up the case of an allergic student who nearly suffocated when someone put a nut into her water. And authorities think it was deliberate.

5. Guy gives weird excuse for going 140mph: When you gotta go, apparently you gotta go 140mph: Or at least that’s the excuse 26-year-old Adam Lester fed to a cop in Pekin, Ill., after he was allegedly clocked going 140mph through town—all while a girl, 16, clung to his back. Click for more crazy crimes, including the story of a woman who was busted for stealing $2.87 from a fountain.

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