That hateful Tea Party

Some brutal thoughts on the government shut down:

I heard over and over again “it’s the law, live with it”, “the people voted and you lost”,  and now “the tea party is shouldering the blame for this”.  

First off, I’m tired of these shut downs and the dysfunction of Washington.  We are looking like fools to the rest of the world.  But what ever happened to standing up for principle?  What has happened to standing ground when you feel that something is very wrong?  Are we all to just go with the majority vote?

At one time the majority vote was for segregation, now it is for equal rights.  In the founding of America, the law was obedience to the Crown.  We all know how that went.

In Germany during the late 1930’s a new leader was solving all of the country’s problems.  The economy was growing.  Factories were running.  People had food.  But Germany was on a path to destruction.  It was imploding and millions suffered and died.  By 1945 millions of Jews were killed, millions of civilians were killed, up to 2 million women were raped, the end result drove many to suicide, Germany was the scorn of the world for FAILING TO STAND UP TO THEIR LEADERS.  The excuse of “it was the law” and “we didn’t know what was happening” just didn’t cut it.

The same German women who were relishing in the pre-war success of Hitler now stood on bombed out city streets cleaning mortar off bricks so that they could be reused.  Many starved to death.

We as Americans (and yes the Congress that we all hate right now) all have a responsibility to stand up and point out injustice and bad laws.  Just because an idea is now law doesn’t make it right.  We are headed for financial disaster.  No one is willing to stop it but sooner or later it will come and we all may be standing in the streets cleaning mortar off the bricks of this society.  History books in the future may ask what we were doing during this time while the national debt soared beyond imagination.

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About Brian Fulmer

Brian is the owner of Crossroads Property Management Inc. ( He writes six blogs and has written two books. He also works with various missions around the world. His first love is Guatemala.
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