Teenager kills teacher

Random: Please see the previous post.  Both of these stories were in the news today.  A 13 year old killed for carrying a toy gun, a 14 year old kills a teacher with a real gun.  How can anyone make sense out of this?  What has happened to our nation?


A 14-year-old student is facing a murder charge in Danvers, Mass., after the body of a math teacher was found in woods near the high school where she taught, authorities said Wednesday.

Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said the body of Colleen Ritzer, 24, of Andover, was found after police were notified that she had not returned home from work and was not answering her cellphone.

Investigators found blood in a school bathroom and soon located the victim.

Danvers police were at Danvers High School most of the night. Town officials called parents at about 4:45 a.m. Wednesday, saying only that there was a police presence at the school and classes were canceled, boston.com reported.

The boy facing arraignment Wednesday on a murder charge was reported missing Tuesday after not returning home from school, Blogdett said. He was found hours later.

Danvers police had tweeted Tuesday: “Missing Child Philip Chism 14YOM was last seen today at 6:30 near Hollywood Hits.” Hours later, police tweeted: “Philip chism has been found safely.”

Blodgett declined to discuss whether Chism was involved in the Ritzer case.

Sitting in a car parked across from the school, two students told boston.com they were stunned and terrified to hear what had happened

“We are all terrified. It’s very scary,” said Caitlin McBride, a junior. “No one will ever look at this school the same way anymore.”

McBride said she received a text this morning saying the school was closed.

“I didn’t know what to do,” Kendall Meehan told the website. “It’s all very scary. It’s not something you see around here.”

Contributing: Associated Press


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