and Commodore 64

The congressional meeting with the people was delayed a week. The developers didn’t know where the meetings were being held. When they were told to come to Washington they went to the state of Washington and began going from city to city. They hope to be there next week and they are looking at mapquest to find the address.

When the software developers were interviewed, they said the problems started when one of the designers spilled coffee on his Commodore 64 and the “H” key got stuck.

After 15 minutes of questions, the software developers said “wait a minute, you wanted health insurance? We thought this was for car insurance!” is trying to find an additional Commodore 64 to work on their site. Does anyone have an extra? You will get a free month of health insurance for the donation.

What do you expect for $100 million? I mean really . . . Did you expect Apple2e?
I’m at page 3 on but I dropped disk #3. I hate when that happens! Isn’t there a better way than dealing with all these floppy disks?
“We’ve had a few glitches with the Commodore 64 but the developers have assured me that they will be corrected when they add the additional floppy drive.”
“America, we found an additional floppy drive. should be up and running soon. We want everyone to have affordable health care.”
“Does anyone know which port the second floppy drive gets plugged into? Wait, you need to turn it off and then back on? Why?”
“Ok, the good news is that we are up and running. The bad news is that we can only process one person at a time. We’ll start with the letter “A”.

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Brian is the owner of Crossroads Property Management Inc. ( He writes six blogs and has written two books. He also works with various missions around the world. His first love is Guatemala.
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