Obamacare vs Medicaid

Obamacare problem: More are enrolling in Medicaid than private insurance

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We told them this would happen.  Everyone wants it all free.  Looks like there won’t be enough money to pay out for all of those trying for Medicaid.  As everyone is focused on the failed Obamacare website, another problem is emerging from the states where people are able to sign up for Medicaid.


It appears most are applying for Medicaid than in private plans.

The Obama administration still hasn’t provided figures on how many people have successfully enrolled through the federally run exchanges. Some, but not all, states have provided their own relatively up-to-date figures.

In Washington state alone, (stupid liberals), more than 35,000 people have signed up for coverage since Oct. 1. Of them, just 4,500 went into private plans. Roughly 31,000 signed up for Medicaid — with coverage kicking in sometime between now and Jan. 1.

The director of the state’s Health Care Authority said they were “pleased by the strong response of Medicaid-eligible residents.”

Fox News

But if things don’t even out, it will cause a problem for private insurance, companies which are relying on a major influx of new and healthy customers to make the system hum.  In order for the plan to work, they need millions to sign up for the exchanges, which they aren’t doing.

The main reason the Affordable Care Act mandated that individuals buy insurance was so that private insurers would get enough young, healthy people in the system who could offset the costs of covering older and sicker patients. Otherwise, at the very least, costs will skyrocket for those in the system.

But in the  Medicaid situation, you can’t have more on the system, than what is being taken in.  The health care law was built to expand coverage in two major ways: by offering people subsidies to purchase insurance on the private market, and by expanding the number of people eligible for Medicaid.

The expansion of Medicaid was a source of political tension between the White House and Republican governors — so far, half the states have agreed to expand the program which provides health coverage to low-income Americans.

Before the ObamaCare exchanges even launched, for instance, Maryland had signed up more than 80,000 people for automatic enrollment in Medicaid starting Jan. 1, 2014.

In Washington state, Health Care Authority spokesman Jim Stevenson told FoxNews.com that officials expected the early participants to gravitate toward Medicaid, in part because it requires no money down and because those seeking private coverage may tend to wait until the latter part of the enrollment period to buy insurance.

No, the reason none of us are signing up is because the law is a sham, and we know that in most cases the premiums and deductibles for us have tripled.

As for the CBO saying that in time,most will shift to buying private insurance is a coverup for the big lie this law is.  How can one buy something they can’t afford?  No jobs = no money.  But this is what Obummer wants, us broke, depending on his handouts. Furthermore, try and find a doctor who accepts Medicaid patients is nigh near impossible.


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5 Responses to Obamacare vs Medicaid

  1. Shawn West says:

    Your article is trying to say that I, as a Washington state blogger, am “choosing” medicaid. How does that work?

    I qualify for medicaid because I’m poor. I’m not choosing medicaid because I want something for free. For the record I have not signed up for it and have no intention to, but how would I afford private insurance instead?

    Where’s the choice?

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