That’s a big baby!

14-pound baby born in U.S. could be heaviest for America in 2013

14-pound baby born in U.S. could be heaviest for America in 2013

Due to his size, Joel was born by cesarean section and delivered by two doctors.

National MonitorLance Tillson | November 02, 2013

Sara Brandon, a Utah woman, gave birth to a 14-pound baby (22 inches long) in May, according to reports from both the Daily Mailand ABC News. Although Sara knew that Joel would be a heavier-than-normal baby, he was measuring around 11 pounds at the time of his last ultrasound, according to a report from

“When they stuck him on the scale he was 14 pounds even,” Brandon told ABC News about Joel Brandon Jr.’s birth. “The doctor said it was the biggest baby he had ever delivered.”

Due to his size, Joel (nicknamed J.J.) was born by cesarean section and delivered by two doctors.

“I had to have two deliver him instead of one, because they knew he was going to be big,” said Brandon. “They struggled to get him out.”

The Summit Medical Group explains that a baby may be delivered via C-section when he or she is too large for a delivery through the birth canal. Women who have diabetes, like Sara, are more likely to have big babies and more likely to require delivery via C-section.

Despite his larger-than-average frame, Joel is far from the world’s heaviest baby at birth. The Guinness World Records reports that Anna Bates of Seville, Ohio, gave birth to a 23-pound 12-ounce baby in 1879. The child passed away 11 hours after birth.

However, J.J. still has his own claim to fame, as the Daily Mail notes that the baby is believed to be the heaviest baby born in the U.S. in 2013. reports that the title of the heaviest baby in the world birthed in 2013 currently belongs to George King from England, who measured 15 pounds 7 ounces in February.

According to the New York Daily News, Joel had to spend the first few days of his life being treated for lung issues in the neonatal intensive care unit, but he’s doing much better now.

Photo credit:  Sara Brandon


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