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Enviros fundraise using images of dead babies

Enviros fundraise using images of dead babies

1:17 PM 11/04/2013
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A German environmental group is holding nothing back in its latest fundraising effort. The group BUND is attempting to raise money by showing a farm field full of babies being killed off by pesticides from crop dusters.

The video is called “Pesticides — Manufactured to kill” and features a crop-dusting airplane fly over a farm field of babies. The baby crop is ominously covered by pesticides and the video finishes with the text: “Pesticides manufactured to kill. Take action now. For a future without poison.”

“Pesticides kill plants and animals — of course, all for the benefit of the most efficient agriculture and forestry, for ordinary gardens, paths, parks and green spaces, the effect of the toxins can not be controlled and are thus a threat to biodiversity,” according to BUND. “To us humans are the toxic pesticides. You are worldwide in the environment, as residues on and in food and in our drinking water.”

BUND specifically targets agricultural issues, like pesticides, and is a member larger environmental group Friends of the Earth Germany. The group has nearly 500,000 members.

According to the blog No Tricks Zone, the reaction of the German agriculture industry to the “baby-gassing video” has been negative.

“On the BUND’s new campaign against pesticides, business associations and trade groups have sharply criticized the environmental organization on Thursday,” reports the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). “The German Federation of Agriculture accuses the BUND of ‘incitement’, ‘a virtual crusade’ and ‘false propaganda’.”

FAZ also notes that while some studies suggest there are negative health impacts from pesticides, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment says that such studies do not meet scientific standards. The Institute has said that the commonly used herbicide glyphosate is “harmless.”

“The BUND’s target of course is to emotionally incite using methods from the bottom drawer,” writes P. Gosselin for No Tricks Zone. “Today anyone who disagrees with these zealot environmentalist gets labeled a murderer, or accused of killing.”

“Emotionalization is always what desperate debaters wind up using when they lack the facts to convince,” Gosselin adds. “And if these planet rescuers are so concerned about babies, then why don’t we ever see them lift a finger to protest abortion? These scammers are only concerned about money, power and attention.”

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