Too funny not to post!

Too Funny: Web Sites For Dummies

Seems a Republican congressman from Tennessee had a gift for Kathleen Sebelius last week.

Web Sites for Dummies for Sibelius


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Brian is the owner of Crossroads Property Management Inc. ( He writes six blogs and has written two books. He also works with various missions around the world. His first love is Guatemala.
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2 Responses to Too funny not to post!

  1. Marty says:

    Not funny! I don’t agree with this whole website debacle – it is terrible. But this joke is rude, shameful and downright mean. It is above us to do such demeaning things to another human. Irrespective of what they do or have caused to be done to us.

    • I don’t think there is anything funny about this. I’m scared of losing my coverage. My rates are exploding. I have a staff to worry about that has medical needs. They’re scared. So far I haven’t seen any competence or honesty out of Washington. Honestly I don’t trust them to enter my information – not that I can anyway. Truth hurts.

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