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Staying In Sochi Is A Hilarious Adventure

Staying In Sochi Is A Hilarious AdventureSEXPAND

The North American media has descended on Sochi, and…how do we put this gently? Sochi’s not ready.

The athlete accommodations are fine, if a bit cozy and, um, social. But the media hotels, along with much of the hastily-built city infrastructure, are decidedly lacking. Three of the nine hotels in the mountain complex simply aren’t done, and the ones that are open are dirty, unfinished, broken, or infested with something or other.

Bruce Arthur is on the scene, and gives a good rundown:

Almost every room is missing something: lightbulbs, TVs, lamps, chairs, curtains, wifi, heat, hot water. Shower curtains are a valuable piece of the future black market here. (One American photographer was simply told, “You will not get a shower curtain.”)


In the Ekaterininsky Kvartal hotel, the elevator is broken and the stairway is unlit, with stairs of varying and unpredictable heights.

Outside the Chistya Prudy, there is a bag of concrete in a palm tree, leaking grey down the trunk. Inside, some of the electrical outlets are just plates screwed into drywall.

Sports Illustrated’s Brian Cazeneuve had to clamber through a window to get out of his hotel on Tuesday morning, since the doors were all unexpectedly locked. Chris Stevenson of the Ottawa Sun was without electricity for the first day.

But it’s so much worse than that.

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