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WWI – 100 years later

Random: A little history today.  Interesting story on NPR about the beginning of WWI.  If you are like me, I learned about WWII but not much about I. A Century Ago In Sarajevo: A Plot, A Farce And A Fateful … Continue reading

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More on Lynching

One more comment on “lynching President Obama”.  *Please see previous post. I went to a Phillies game tonight to see them honor Jimmy Rollins.  There was a video of politicians, actors and athletes giving praise to Jimmy.  The first person … Continue reading

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Slow Motion Lynching of President Obama?

I was reminded again today that I am hateful, ignorant, and I am slowly lynching President Obama.  I know, I was shocked too!  I didn’t realize that not agreeing with a leader automatically qualified me for this. “Slowly lynching Obama”. … Continue reading

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IRS, Conspiracy, Blame

From USATODAY:  But it did provide moments of absurdity. In one line of questioning designed to mock GOP conspiracy theories, Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, asked if Lerner had been to the Benghazi, whether she was responsible for UFOs, or if … Continue reading

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I am offended again

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board canceled six federal trademark registrations owned by the Washington NFL club today, ruling that the term “Redskins” was disparaging to “a substantial composite” of American Indians when the marks were granted between 1967 and … Continue reading

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Coming to a state near you

A truck driver crossed a state line and pulled into the weigh station.  He climbed down from his cab and went into the office to sign the papers and chat with his friends. Before signing the weight papers, the clerk … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton and a child rape case

Young Hillary Clinton heard laughing while discussing her defense of an accused child rapist in newly discovered audio tapes Decades before she was a senator and Secretary of State, a 27-year-old Clinton was a court-appointed attorney who helped get an … Continue reading

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