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George Harrison Tree/Beetles

Beatles George Harrison memorial tree killed by beetles George Harrison was often described as “the quiet Beatle”. Continue reading the main story Related Stories Harrison’s guitar sells for £390,000 Hospital memorial plan for Beatle A pine tree planted in 2004 … Continue reading

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Ethnic Intimidation part 2

I guess these can be interchanged based on how the judge feels.  One is a state misdemeanor.  The other is a Federal Crime: Ethnic Intimidation  The law on ethnic intimidation According to the state law, ethnic intimidation is defined as assaulting or threatening another person or … Continue reading

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Ethnic Intimidation?

Ethnic Intimidation?  I never heard that term in the Zimmerman trial.  I heard hate crime a lot.  I didn’t hear Obama saying this could be his brother/son/father.  I didn’t hear any cries from NAACP that this was racially motivated.  About … Continue reading

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Who is taking the forks?

I can never find a fork in my house.  There are spoons and knives but the forks are always in short supply. I have bought new forks at my office a number of times.  Once again, there are NO forks. … Continue reading

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Once again, it is the hateful Republicans

I’ve been reminded today that it is the evil, greedy, hateful Republicans that are to blame for the suffering children coming illegally across our border.  I am one of those evil Republicans (shhh, don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Gay Pride Burger King

Burger King sells gay pride Whopper in San Francisco Customers weren’t told what was in the burger wrapped in a rainbow paper. Once opened, it states, ‘We are all the same inside.’ THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Wednesday, July 2, 2014, 11:31 … Continue reading

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