The Country I See

For all the strife lately about racial discrimination, I would like to add a few thoughts.  I am fully aware that there are still racists  and haters in our country.  I assume that there will always be ignorant people that judge people wrongly for a number of reasons – skin color included.  But let me point out the country that I see:

The country that I see is one where people of different races can marry each other freely and have “mixed” children that are accepted into society.

One of those children grew up to be the President of the country.  This mixed race child grew up without a father in the house, managed to graduate from college, become a Senator and now lives in the White House with an African American wife and children.

We have a Supreme Court with women, Hispanic and African American judges.

We have had an African American Secretary of State, female Secretaries of State, African American Attorney Generals, military generals, senators, congressmen, etc.  You get the picture.

We have highly paid professional sport’s teams that are dominated by African Americans and Hispanics.   Yes, there has been ignorant owners and managers but they have been quickly run out of town.

We have Mayors, police chiefs, firemen, company presidents, doctors, lawyers, teachers and all professions all over the country (including the deep south) that are African Americans.

We have had immigrants that have risen to be governors of states (who may not speak English clearly).

We have a country that rallies around an African American GIRL who bravely pitches for a little league team.   This African American GIRL was featured on the front of Sports Illustrated.  We have an ALL African American Little League team from Chicago that is trying to win the series and America is cheering for them.

We have social programs to help people of all races with food, education, clothing, housing, insurance, child care and even cell phones.  We have safety nets for almost any need.  These safety nets are even available to illegal aliens.

We have corporations that hire special needs and physically disabled employees.

We have communities that have refitted sidewalks and all commercials buildings so that people in wheel chairs can maneuver through towns and access buildings.

We have houses of worship that allow ALL races and many who are now welcoming people of different sexual orientation.  By the way, all religions are permitted; even those that offend the majority.

We live in a country that rallies around an African American that is presumed to be killed without provocation.  We have a media that will camp out for weeks in a town to assure justice is done.

We have police departments that are safe to call.  Police officers that are generally upheld as “good” people in our society.

We have a military that not only responds to military threats around the country, they also respond to natural disasters and peace keeping efforts.

We have signs, announcements and instructions everywhere in Spanish. At government agencies one can call and get almost any language.  We have radio stations and TV channels in Spanish.  I just hit a button on my remote and my baseball announcers switched to Spanish.

Finally, I see a country that rallies around an “ice bucket” campaign to raise MILLIONS of dollars for ALS. College students that raise MILLIONS for cancer research.  High School students that serve their communities and raise money for those in need.  Companies and organizations that work to support community events and charities.   A country that raises MILLIONS of dollars for relief in Haiti after an earthquake and MILLIONS raised for people affected by hurricanes and tornadoes.

Are we perfect?  Certainly not.  Can we improve?  Definitely.  Am I trying to brag and justify?  No.  I just choose to see a country that does a lot to care for people and that has opened the door for many people to progress in life.  We have come a long way.  We have a long way to go.  Travel outside of this country and you will see the difference in any of these areas.



About Brian Fulmer

Brian is the owner of Crossroads Property Management Inc. ( He writes six blogs and has written two books. He also works with various missions around the world. His first love is Guatemala.
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