Facing Tragedy/Praying for Peace

Dear Mr. Obama,

It has been a hard week.   An unarmed white woman was killed in her home by a black teenager and man.  This woman could have been my daughter.  She was a 6th grade teacher with a master’s degree.  She worked hard and gave of herself to everyone she knew. Her school children were loved regardless of their race.  She bought her home in a mixed race neighborhood instead of the highly white suburbs.

I guess you could say this teenager could be your son.  He’s the same age as Malia.  Maybe you haven’t heard about this since it was a local crime – robbery turned into murder.   I was hoping there would be a press conference since it was such a great tragedy.  So far I have only seen local news covering it.  There hasn’t been any talk about the Attorney General visiting or investigations for hate crime.

There has been so much coverage on the two black men killed in altercations with police.  I guess everyone is too busy to worry about one white teacher who is killed in her own home.  I understand that the black community is upset and that they feel targeted by police.   I appreciate how the community has rallied around their perception of injustice.  The rioting and violence is wrong but it shows the great amount of emotion that exists.  Change often doesn’t come without an entire community rising up and protesting.

I don’t think all black people think all police are racist.  At least I hope they don’t.   The police should treat everyone equally.   The entire nation should work together to ensure equal treatment to anyone of any color.  There are some gaping wounds that need to be healed before the black community will ever be able to trust the system again.

Most people in our community don’t believe that all young black youths are violent killers.  At least I hope not.  For now there are some deep gaping wounds that have scared us.  It will take time to heal.  There is fear, anxiety and anger.  I wouldn’t doubt that some will lock their doors when they see a young black man walking in their neighborhood.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are racist.  They are scared.

Mr. Obama, I understand your concern to correct racial wrongs and I stand with you.  But please understand the wrongs go both ways and affect communities in different ways.  No one in our community is rioting or burning businesses over this tragedy.  We are mourning and a little more fearful than we were last week.  Our country needs healing.

I pray that God brings peace to all of us this season.



About Brian Fulmer

Brian is the owner of Crossroads Property Management Inc. (www.crossroadsproperty.com) He writes six blogs and has written two books. He also works with various missions around the world. His first love is Guatemala.
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