Please bend over and receive your health insurance

Dear Washington,

You got us this time with the health insurance.  As your advisor said (paraphrased) – Americans are so dumb that they won’t realize what we did until it is too late.   Yes, it is too late.  The changes in health care are so deep that I doubt anyone can turn it back.  You took a problem that some people had and now dumped a giant problem on who else but the middle class again.  You see, the rich won’t be haunted by this.  The poor may or may not be helped.  The middle class – we were struggling before but now we are defeated.  Let me explain what we are all slowly finding out.

I met with my insurance agent to renew my very small group policy for this year.  Another 18% increase with no good options.  If I close the group policy and spin everyone on their own the rates are actually a little cheaper.  Yay!!!!!  But let’s look a little further:

Current situation (I will use some rounded numbers for a general idea)

$5,000 a year for health insurance – pre-tax split between employer and employee.

New plan: Everyone buys their own insurance and get a raise from employer to compensate for the difference which will be taxable.

Salary goes up $5,000.

FICA/Medicare tax goes up $765 (15.3%) split between employer and employee.

Fed Tax goes up (let’s guess $300) paid by the employee.

State Tax goes up (every state is different – let’s estimate 2%) $100

Local Tax goes up (let’s say 1%) $50

Total tax increase of at least $1,215 a year split between employer and employee – Not a bad deal for the government.  Again, not a problem for the rich or the poor, just the middle class.

For the employer: they get an increase in workman’s comp and liability insurance but they will probably save on some bookkeeping and admin expense.

So who is the winner here?  I already had insurance that I liked.  Now I need to find a new policy and I get the privilege of paying $1,200 more in tax.

What a deal!!!!!!!!!!

And you wonder why the people don’t trust you?


Disgruntled Citizen



About Brian Fulmer

Brian is the owner of Crossroads Property Management Inc. ( He writes six blogs and has written two books. He also works with various missions around the world. His first love is Guatemala.
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