Black State Police Held at Gunpoint

Here is a different angle and interesting debate:

Video shows 4 black officers held at gunpoint by police

Four black parole officers were on official state business when they were pulled over and held at gunpoint by local cops. The officers are now suing the town, its police department and others, alleging racial profiling and civil rights violations. VPC


RAMAPO, N.Y. — Four black parole officers on official business were held at gunpoint and detained by police last year, videos recently obtained by The Journal News show.

Black law enforcement leaders are criticizing Ramapo police for the incident last April, saying it highlights a larger problem with how police treat members of the black community.

“If these guys aren’t safe, imagine what a young black man feels about interacting with the police,” said Damon Jones, the New York representative of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America. “They have no chance.”

The state parole officers have a federal lawsuit pending against the town, its police department and others, alleging racial profiling and civil rights violations. Jones said Ramapo police need to explain “why they held the parole officers after they were identified.” Town officials maintain police did nothing wrong.

On a cloudy morning last April, just as the commuter rush was beginning to die down, at least five police officers surrounded the parole officers’ car at a busy intersection in Airmont near restaurants and often crowded shopping plazas.

Dash cam videos obtained by The Journal News under the Freedom of Information Law show police cars, with flashing lights, boxing in a vehicle later determined to be state-owned. One police officer can be seen immediately drawing a gun and aiming at the vehicle, using his police SUV as cover. Another officer can be seen reaching into the driver’s side of the state vehicle as parole officer Mario Alexandre emerges, raising his hands in the air.

After the parole officers were ordered out of the vehicle and were talking to police a third police officer carrying a rifle is shown approaching the group.

Police later said they were responding to a report of people wearing bulletproof vests in a car and that the parole officers did not make a courtesy call to alert the department that they were in town for an arrest. The parole officers’ car was not marked.

Jones, who viewed the videos at the newspaper’s office, questions why the parole officers were held at least six minutes after being identified over the police radio as state employees. “Would they receive the same treatment if these parole officers were white?” he asked.

The parole officers claim in their lawsuit that they were traumatized, humiliated and feared for their lives.

Read more and watch video:

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