Brown Shirts

I have made mention of the “brown shirts” in recent posts and I have received numerous questions on what they are.  Since this blog is a little lengthy, I am breaking it up into sections.  The first is a brief summary.  The second is a more detailed history.  The third is how this topic relates to current events.  The fourth is some of the references that I referred to.

1) “Brown Shirts” is a nickname for groups of men in the beginning of the Nazi Party.  They were put together by Hitler to create fear in the public, weed out dissenters, begin persecution of Jews and provide protection during rallies.  The term brown shirts came from the uniform that they wore.  During rallies and marches, the brown shirts would assault anyone who was not participating or showing support for the Nazi cause.  Their fear incitement is largely the reason why the Nazis took power so swiftly.

2)  In German, their official title was Sturm Abteilung.  Abbreviation – SA.  Storm Detachment or Assault Division.  They functioned as a paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party.  The SA was formed in 1921 by Hitler and was formed out of various rough groups and ex-military.  Many were from low economic families and they were bitter about the status of life in Germany.  In 1924, Ernst Rohm took over leadership and quickly grew the numbers and strength of the force.  They carried out street violence against Jews and Nazi opponents.  By 1934, the SA began to lose influence and by 1939 was used for military training.

Their original purpose was to offer protection to the Nazi leaders during rallies and meetings.  They gave the political group a military look and added discipline to the ranks.  Soon they were causing disruptions at opposing political meetings.  They became known as thugs instilling fear in people but also attracting violent men to join the party.  Hitler’s plan all along was for this group to develop into the Nazi army.  The SA were extremely anti-Semitic and anti-democratic.  Street fights were common and all of Germany felt their terror.

In just a few short years, the SA’s membership grew from 70,000 to more than four million.  SA soldiers joined the regular police in order to arrest and torture ideological, political, and even personal enemies, including many Jews. They set up concentration camps for this purpose. However, when Rohm showed signs of wanting to take control of the army and rebel against Hitler in a military coup, the SS massacred him and other SA leaders in the “Night of the Long Knives”- –June 30, 1934. From then on, the SA was no longer a dominant organization within the Reich, but it continued to exist, its members guarding concentration camps and terrorizing enemies of the Nazi regime.

In January 1933, Germany was a democracy with fair elections.  The majority of leaders were against the Nazi Party at that point.  This all changed quickly due to Hitler’s efforts and because of the intimidation of the violent forces.  By April 7, 1933, Nazi officials were put in charge of all local governments.

The nation became a spying nation – spies were everywhere with one purpose – to keep an eye on each other and report people to the authorities.  The nation was being run on fear of the government.  Full loyalty was required and no one could be trusted.  Rohm showed signs of wanting to take control of the army and rebel against Hitler in a military coup, the SS massacred him and other SA leaders in the “Night of the Long Knives”- –June 30, 1934.

3) What does this have to do with us today?  Many on the left will identify conservatives as “dictators”, “denying rights”, “denying freedom”, etc.  On the other hand, many conservatives are now fearing for all of their rights – religious, speech, guns, health care, privacy, protection, etc. on the fast moving, fast changing society dictates on what behavior is being defended or criticized.

What we can say and do with freedom is changing every day and the forces demanding change feel somewhat intimidating.  If we do not abide by the status quo we are labeled “haters” and “bigots”.  Although those who are fighting against these pressures are often fighting for everyone’s freedom, the society changers are instead labeling them as the evil deniers of freedom.

Abortion, gay marriage, parenting issues, education, vaccinations, religion, etc are all being used as agendas of obedience to the new society.  There is no tolerance.  There is no room for discussion.  The “tolerant” crowd is bullying those who don’t agree to the “tolerant dictates”.  We may not be beaten in the streets, but we are sued.  We are investigated.  We lose tax exemption.  We are spied on.  We are mocked.  We are vilified by the government and media.  Lives and businesses can be destroyed in one day because of one statement against the new majority.

Children are being removed from homes because a neighbor reports parenting practices that are not approved of.  Businesses are being forced to close because of an owner’s religious beliefs.  The Mayor of Chicago wanted to ban Chick Fil A from the city simply because the CEO doesn’t believe in gay marriage.  Universities discriminate against conservatives.  The media and Hollywood discriminate against conservatives.  Are they called on it?  No.  Churches that allow speech on conservative political views lose their tax status while churches that shove liberal thought do not.

Conservatives (especially Christians) are scared.  What is legal?  What is permitted?  The rules change but there is no way to mediate through a decision.  Punishment comes quickly and harshly with no allowance for defense.

At the same time, all Americans are feeling like big brother is spying.  Cameras are on almost every street corner.  The NSA is tapping phones.  Emails are being monitored.  Social media is under watch.  Is it paranoia or is the government becoming more and more intrusive?

I feel like the brown shirts have restarted their watch.  The government wants to change my religion or stop it altogether while allowing other groups to terrorize and kill.  I am watching business fight for existence.  I am watching parents live in fear of raising their children the way they desire.  What we eat.  What we drink.  How we worship.  What is next?

The brown shirts are coming and they are coming fast.  Most politicians have only changed their views on social topics in the last few years and yet they act like they have always been enlightened.  For those who have not been enlightened, they better catch on and quick – the brown shirts are bullies!

Last note – I started to write this on my spiritual blog but moved it over to my political page.  The Bible talks about Christians being denied rights in the last days.  I’m not claiming that we are in our final hours but …. well keep your eyes open.  I could have added a lot more to this but I was cautious to only use data that I felt was proven.  I have listed many of the websites that I read and used.  Some of them I listed but chose not to refer to because I thought they may be to far out there.  You may choose to read them.  They are interesting especially this one:

4) References:



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