Planned Parenthood Supporters

According to recent posts, this is a list of major companies giving to Planned Parenthood.  You decide what to do with it. . . Get it . . . We’re pro-choice – who do you choose to support?  Make a call.  Take a stand.  Choose life.

Here are the 38 companies that have directly funded Planned Parenthood.

  1. Adobe
  2. American Cancer Society
  3. American Express
  4. AT&T
  5. Avon
  6. Bank of America
  7. Bath & Body Works
  8. Ben & Jerry’s
  9. Clorox
  10. Converse
  11. Deutsche Bank
  12. Dockers
  13. Energizer
  14. Expedia
  15. ExxonMobil
  16. Fannie Mae
  17. Groupon
  18. Intuit
  19. Johnson & Johnson
  20. La Senza
  21. Levi Strauss
  22. Liberty Mutual
  23. Macy’s
  24. March of Dimes
  25. Microsoft
  26. Morgan Stanley
  27. Nike
  28. Oracle
  29. PepsiCo
  30. Pfizer
  31. Progressive
  32. Starbucks
  33. Susan G. Komen
  34. Tostitos
  35. Unilever
  36. United Way
  37. Verizon
  38. Wells Fargo – fascinating read.

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Katie Couric and Ted Cruz

In a recent interview with Katie Couric, Senator Ted Cruz was asked about his eligibility to be President because he was born in Canada.  His response was interesting but Katie’s face and body language said 1,000 words:


Although this is interesting, her next comment was even better:  “do you think it is possible to be too conservative to run for President?”  Hmmm  We all know what colors Ms. Katie wears on her sleeve but . . .  Wouldn’t shock our socks off if any interviewer asked “is it possible to be too liberal to run?”

Don’t hold your breath.

If you want to watch the entire interview, please click:

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Running for President

Random: Could a regular person EVER run to be the President of the USA?  Could a regular person ever get the needed attention through a grass roots social media run?  Do all candidates really need to be millionaires/billionaires or politicians with national exposure?   Even if a regular person could get there – could they manage the political machine once there?

Aren’t you tired of the standard Washington crap and the campaigns that go on forever?

This is what it costs to run for president

A lot of people want to be President, but it won’t come cheap. Here, our breakdown of the cost just to launch a 2016 campaign.

The Republican presidential primary is already shaping up to be a sprawling free-for-all. More than a dozen potentially serious contenders and counting have already joined the scrum—popping up in early states, snagging operatives, and wooing donors. But only a handful will still be standing a year from now after the first burst of contests. Surviving will require, among other things, a little luck and a lot of money.

Just how much? The answer comes with an elephant-size asterisk, since so much of what determines the outcome is unknowable. Consider the involvement of Super PACs. Those loosely regulated outside groups rattled the GOP’s 2012 primary by empowering a few billionaires to prop up the bids of moribund candidates who exhausted their own resources. They’ll play an even greater role this time around, tipping the playing field unpredictably. Nevertheless, the pols angling to carry the torch for the business wing of the party (think former Gov. Jeb Bush; his protégé, Sen. Marco Rubio; and Gov. Chris Christie) must cobble together a daunting number of four-figure checks for their official campaign organizations simply to meet the competition’s de facto ante. To put some hard numbers on what it takes to get through the first four states (the only ones on the calendar so far), Fortune surveyed leading party strategists, fundraisers, media consultants, and the historical record. This is our field guide to the punishing, and expensive, crucible of the Republican presidential slugfest’s opening round.


Startup costs: $10 million

Before the campaign even starts, the first step of any operation is setting up a headquarters. And it’s not cheap. Although campaigns run more like franchises in the pre-election year, with candidates looking to shovel most of their resources out to the states hosting the first contests, they still need a physical home base, along with a nucleus of staff to formulate policy, strategy, and message. To get the whole operation started, figure $5 million for that overhead, and another $5 million for the campaign’s other major early expenditure—
all the costs associated with raising the money itself.

Iowa: $8 million to $10 million

Iowa Republicans aren’t impressed by lavish campaigns. The object here for Establishment contenders is to manage expectations, place respectably, and live to fight another day. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum won the state’s 2012 caucuses on a hard-right message and a shoestring budget, spending less than $1 per vote on television advertising. But compare his ROI with that of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who spent roughly $300 per vote and finished fifth. Despite Iowa’s modest media markets, campaigns will need to spend more to be heard above the din of the field at its most crowded.

New Hampshire: $12 million to $15 million

Campaigning in tiny New Hampshire is surprisingly pricey. And for that, candidates can thank Boston. They’ll need to buy time in the city, the seventh-largest media market in the -country—its airwaves are three times as expensive as those in Iowa—to reach the population centers in the southern part of the Granite State. In 2012, Mitt Romney, a part-time New Hampshire resident, romped in a subdued contest. But with no favorite son making the race this time, expect a livelier, costlier battle.

South Carolina: $6 million to $8 million

The primary calendar isn’t locked in past New Hampshire, but after that, the race is likely to head south, where South Carolina will offer something of a reset. The first two contests will probably have squeezed at least one of the more centrist candidates from the race. (Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman dropped out in 2012 after a disappointing third-place finish in New Hampshire.) If past is prologue, others will limp in broke and looking to their Super PACs to float them.

Nevada: $4 million to $7 million

Running just one month of TV ads here costs roughly $2 million, but Nevada’s caucus draws a twentieth as many people as the South Carolina primary, so the contest favors a strong ground game. It’s a moment a big dog could exploit to begin shutting the door (see: Romney 2012). It may also present an opportunity for a well-organized, underfunded contender to shine. The early strength of the field suggests nothing will be settled so soon, and we’re in for a longer and pricier slog.

This story is from the April 1, 2015 issue of Fortune.

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Here’s a New Challenge

‘BellyButtonChallenge’ takes the world by storm

Tuesday, June 16, 2015, 6:06 PM
Actress Yang Mi doing the belly button challenge.WEIBO

Actress Yang Mi doing the belly button challenge.


Sehun of the band EXO posts photo to Weibo doing the belly button challenge.WEIBO

Sehun of the band EXO posts photo to Weibo doing the belly button challenge.


Thin is in, but the latest social media craze may have crossed the line.

People all over the world are taking the “Belly Button Challenge” to see if they’re at a “healthy” weight — but experts say being able to touch your navel by reaching your hand around you back doesn’t promote healthy living.

“People (may make) perfectionistic comparisons — such as ‘She can do it and I can’t!’ — which incites even more stress in people’s lives,” said Elizabeth Lombardo, a clinical psychiatrist in Chicago.

“Some may develop a negative self-image, such as ‘My body sucks’ or ‘I am such a fat loser,’” added Lombardo.

But still, the phenomenon is taking off.

Kids on Weibo doing the belly button challenge — but this guy faked out the public by hiding a friend behind himself.WEIBO

Kids on Weibo doing the belly button challenge — but this guy faked out the public by hiding a friend behind himself.

It became popular a week ago when Chinese women began posting their victorious pics on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

Since then, the hashtag #BellyButtonChallenge has gone viral, with more than 130 million posts.

The challenge has gotten so big that it now even has its detractors. An overweight user of Weibo posted a photo of himself doing the challenge — only to reveal that he had hidden a friend behind his back to provide the extra arm. He dubbed himself “Game Terminator.”

It’s unclear why it started — though some claim there is a U.S. study indicating that being able to wrap your arm around your back means you’re at a healthy weight.

But no one has found said study.

And unlike the ice bucket challenge — which raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease in 2014 — the belly button challenge does not appear to have a loftier goal.

On the plus side, the challenge has inspired a more practical trend. #BoobsOverBellyButtons started Monday to raise awareness of breast checkups — “rather than doing these ridiculous body-shaming (and downright painful) demonstrations,” the trend starter, Curvy Kate, a British lingerie designer, posted on Twitter.

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Race, Integrity and Identity

Please read the previous post – Race and Integrity.  It is a posting of the article:

Couple of questions and I mean this with all sincerity.  Race and sexual preference are bad comparisons but they are often our only choice.

Our culture is now saying that this woman could “identify” as a man and live as a man and use men’s restrooms without question.  Any challenge is hatred.  She really is a woman but “feels” like a man so she can be a man.   Why can’t she “identify” as a black woman?  She has immersed herself into black culture.  She looks black.  She has a black family and teaches African Studies.  What is wrong with her identifying as a black woman.  Why should her integrity be challenged?  If her parents had said she was born a female but was identifying as a man, no one would be able to challenge her sexual stand.  Right?

Was she lying about being black or was she simply living out her true identity?  Who are her critics to call her a liar?

We have opened the door to “identity” rather than fact.  If a boy wants to wear a dress and “be a girl” we let him.  We have assemblies and tell other students not to bother “her”.  What if that same boy “identifies” with being Hispanic or black?  Doesn’t he have the same privilege?  Can we support him to live out his identity and not criticize him?


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Race or Integrity?

Spokane NAACP president Rachel Dolezal steps down amid accusations that she is white


Rachel Dolezal, president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, will not speak about allegations that she is white Monday, despite a previous promise.

Rachel Dolezal stepped down from her position as Spokane’s NAACP president Monday, days after her biological parents said she is white.

The leader, who has publically identified as black, did not address her ethnicity in a statement announcing her resignation 

She promised Friday that she’d tell her side of the story at a previously scheduled membership meeting Monday. But the organization canceled the chapter meeting Sunday “due to the need to continue discussion with regional and national NAACP leaders.”

Memebers of her chapter demanded answers.

“People want resolve. They want some kind of closure,” chapter member Kitara Johnson told CNN on Monday.

Spokane NAACP member Kitara Johnson organized a petition asking Rachel Dolezal to take a leave of absence.

Spokane NAACP member Kitara Johnson organized a petition asking Rachel Dolezal to take a leave of absence.

Johnson started a petition asking Dolezal to temporarily step down while the organization investigates the accusations, first made by a white Minnesota couple who said they are her birth parents. The petition racked up more than 500 signatures by Monday morning.

“We want to ask her, in a nice way and be respectful of the work she’s done in the community, to take a leave of absence to take care of her personal issues (so) the work of social justice and equity can move forward,” Johnson said.

Regional NAACP leaders have backed Dolezal, recognizing her for her civil rights activism and explaining that leadership is not limited to people of a specific race or ethnicity.

“We represent all civil rights issues, regardless of a person’s ethnicity. And the quality of the work that she has done to elevate the issues of civil rights in that region is what we applaud,” regional President Gerald Hankerson said.

Rachel Dolezal at age 18.COURTESY LARRY DOLEZALEnlarge
Rachel Dolezal at age 15.COURTESY LARRY DOLEZALEnlarge

Dolezal’s parents released photos of her as a blond teen.

Still, the Spokane members calling for her to step down said they are angry Dolezal may have lied — not about her ethnicity.

“It’s not about race; it’s about integrity,” Johnson said. “If you’re a leader, you have to have integrity. She clearly lacks integrity. The other piece is credibility.”

Dolezal, a professor of African studies at Eastern Washington University, has led the local NAACP chapter for the past six months.

Her Montana parents, Ruthanne and Lawrence Dolezal, said their daughter cut ties with them in 2007 when she began to adopt her African-American identity. They produced photos of her as a blond teenager and her birth certificate.

The couple — who have four adopted black children as well as a biological son — said Dolezal has always embraced African-American culture. She married a black man in 2000 and attended the historically black Howard University.

With News Wire Services


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Everyone likes to hate George Zimmerman

Everyone likes to hate George Zimmerman.  The media is so happy to blast him and they rejoice when he is injured.  I’m not defending him.  I don’t think I want him as a neighbor.  I just find it ironic that the media is just waiting for him to be killed or jailed.

I guess it’s okay for them to hate George.  He stands as an icon for the “killing unarmed black men” crowd.  Some will not rest until he meets justice in some fashion.  In some ways, he resembles OJ.  We know he did it and we will use any excuse to punish him for what he got away with.

My only point is this – watch out with throwing that Karma thing around.  You may feel justified in wanting him shot but what sins have you committed that need dealt with?  We want better police officers but trashing them every day is leading to another cop killing almost every week.  The answer to police brutality is not killing police and the answer to killing Trayvon is not killing George Zimmerman.


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